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SP-16 - samples longer than 4 bars

I know this has been discussed before but just curious to know whether it's on the official wishlist? The 64 second sample length is more than enough for most musical purposes, but 4 bars is really limiting when it comes to melodic motifs/pads/acappellas etc.

I've seen a few suggestions as to how to implement it but any of the following would be great:

- Synced sample looping not linked to the pattern sequencer, e.g. allow us to just hit a pad to trigger a sample and it plays looped, for the full specified loop length, until it's stopped (Ableton style)

- Conditional trigs, like Elektron. This way we could set a trigger to only occur e.g. 1 in 4 times, allowing an e.g. 16 bar sample to play in full

- Actually extend the pattern sequencer to 16 or 32 bars, with some combination of buttons allowing us to move between the groups of 4 bars

If we could get the full use of the 64 second sample time then the SP-16 would become an incredibly powerful portable 'stems deck', especially with its integrated sync via Pro Link.


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i agree 100% with you! 


And if it's not too much wanted: Different step length per Pad.

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