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ADJ Inno Scan LED 50W

Manufacture = ADJ

Model = Inno Scan LED/ SKU: INN862 | UPC: 640282002714

Type of Light = Flat head Scan

Link to Manufacture page = https://www.adj.com/inno-scan-led

Link to Manual = http://art-lite.ru/image/pdf/inno_scan_led_new%20(3).pdf

DMX Channels = 8 or 11

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The lighting fixture you requested already exists in the rekordbox fixture library as 'American DJ - Inno Scan LED (INN862)'.

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

Giannis - AtlaBase 0 votes
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I know it’s already in the list and it has been for a long time. However, when plugged in and running nothing happens to the light, so presuming there is no programme set up for it

keaty1210 0 votes
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