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Ddj 200 won't pair on mac

When I try to pair the unit the mac says make sure this code matches the one displayed on the ddj 200. I'm trying to use it on rekord box as advertised . it works fine on my iPad only issue on iPad is I use a wireless speaker Bluetooth that is 10m away in my resturant when I try and use wired headphones the sound comes out in the speaker. so I need to have a wired speaker? in order to use headphone cue.

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@Andrew > That's because the way the audio works for the headphones is it's a mono signal sent out on one of the channels, but you're sending both channels of audio from the Mac to the speakers, resulting in the headphone output being heard. If you were to pan the master output to one side, you wouldn't hear it, but then you'd have no headphone cueing. We also recommend using a wired output to the speaker to avoid latency / delay.

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