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chauvet intimidator scan 110 & Rekordbox dont work

Can you tell me if there is a compatibility issue with Rekordbox and the Intimidator scan 110? I have 2 of these and a Pioneer DMX1.

I've set them correctly, separate starting addresses and tried both in 5 channel mode and 11 channel mode. When I click on the light, it lights up like it should to indicate the light is working. But when playing music it has no effect apart from the odd white light pointing at the wall. Ive tried the various types moving head, effect1 etc.. but none of them make much difference. Ive tried manually mapping my own lights but it doesn't light up at all when I do that. Its like it doesnt understand colour or the signals its receiving. 

 Im convinced its not compatible, if thats the case i just want to know so im not wasting more time on this.

Thanks in advance. 


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Has anyone figured this out yet? I have mine programmed properly (as far as I can tell). 11 channel mode, on the correct channels, set as "moving head 2". I have them moving but theyre stuck on a slow moving white light, i havent been able to get them to do any fast movements or other colors. They do synchronize movements with my other intelligent lights, but they only move slowly. 

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