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Using Cue Points while using dvs

Hello everyone,

I want to spice up my mixes by using cue points. I figured out how to set them but not how to use them while playing music. Everytime I use the hotkey it says I cant jump to the point because it is not possible while playing the track. However, if I click it manually with my mousepad it does the thing.

Im in relative mode.

Clicking through hotkeys did not help. I found a lot of Cuehotkeys that did not help and the ones that say I would jump to the previous or next one, but as mentioned above, I can only do it with the mousepad.


How do you guys manage it? Or what am I doing wrong?


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Hi alpopel,


How are you using the hot cue when you get that message, the keyboard or a hardware mixer?

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Thanks for answering.
I am using Pioneers DJM 250 MK2 so no pads or something similiar for using memory or hotkeys on my mixer.
I was just searching for the hotkey on my keyboard. Like described, the hotkey says I cant jump to cue points while the track is playing but I actually can when clicking them with my mouse instead of hotkey

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