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Gobo Control on Chauvet Intimidator 360’s

Hi Pulse,

When can we expect the Rekordbox Lighting software to control GoBo’s on moving heads?

I’ve just purchased new Chauvet Intimidator 360 Spots and although all the colours and strobe settings work great, the light sticks to plain round circle... it doesn’t switch between the 7 different gobos?

I’ve tried using all variations of Channels to see if that makes any difference but no joy...

Am I doing something wrong or is there just not the functionality yet?

It would be amazing if you could just include a button in Performance mode next to the LOW/MID/HIGH and COLOUR and STROBE lighting settings that allowed you to pick a specific GOBO (say numbers 1-10) or to ‘cycle’ through them...

Graham Meeres

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PS I gave up on the Chauvet Rotosphere Q3’s as they still don’t rotate using the RB DMX1 lighting show settings... am going to sell them as they’re useless with the way the software currently works. Unless, again, you think I’m doing something wrong?

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