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DDJ 1000 SRT Features not working?

Can someone confirm the following features are working on your units. They are not on mine.

1)  In the user manual page 26, part # 4 of the jog wheel is supposed to indicate which deck is selected by the background color. This is triggered by the cross fader  and\/or the channel faders. I had a DDJ 1000 before the SRT and this feature was working. In my unit, no matter which which deck is selected by the faders, the background remains bright white (when channel 1 and 2 is selected) and bright blue when channel 3 and 4 is selected.

2) When I use the SAMPLER CUE button, no sampler sound goes to my headphones unless I have the SAMPLER VOL up. When I have it up, I do hear the sound but it also goes to the master speakers defeating the purpose of CUEing. 


While these two features are not a deal breaker, I would like to know whether I have a defective unit or I got some settings wrong,


Thank you.

Zachary Gitonga

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I'm having the same issue with the SAMPLER CUE button.

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