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toshiba transmemory-ex u382 performance with modern cdjs


I've recently bought this usb stick and it doesn't work in cdj 400, but I wonder if it can be used in modern cdjs.

I can export my lists in it using rekordbox with no problems, with a nice performance, for that reason i don't want to replace it, and keep it for when I play in modern setups.


Thanks and sorry for my english

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Given how much newer that USB drive is than the player, it doesn't surprise me that there are issues, even if you have formatted it correctly.

We try to ensure they're as universally compatible as possible, but unfortunately we can't guarantee that every CDJ / XDJ will support all USB devices. We've found in past that some simply refuse to communicate with certain players regardless of how new or high-performance the drive is.

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Thank you for the answer.
It worked perfectly in cdjs 2000nx2

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