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DDJ-1000 - Rekorbox

Hello, i have question about rekordbox and ddj-1000, the main problem is with the sound (noise and buzz) in all ddj's outputs ( headphones and masters ).Before buy in showroom was everything ok, at home i found out this problem. Rekordbox, ASIO drivers, Sound card drivers was uninstalled and new installed, upgraded, downgraded, all possibility. Latency was tuned in all sizes. Cables ok. When i connect to my NTB other DDJ´s  problems disappears. My NTB (WIN 10) + my DDJ-1000 = problem. My NTB + other DDJ  = ok. Other NTB + my DDJ = ok. Rekordbox same setup :( Have some idea where can be mistake? Thank you. 

Jindřich Dvořák

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