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CDJ stops reading a track

I was playing yesterday with CDJ Nexus 2000 and in the middle of a track the CDJ stops reading it and goes "SHHHHHHHH". If I change to the other channel of the connected to same pendrive through the link it continues reading the next track. I changed my pendrive and it happened again this time with a different track. I use Kingstone pendrives. Music imported from Recordbox straight to the pendrive. Pendrive formatted FAT32. I have already erased all musics from the pendrive, reformatted it and it happened again. Every time with a random track that I have previously played before without any problem. Other people played on the same pair of CDJ all night long and didn't experience any problem, so it was not a CDJ malfunction. 

Have anyone experience such a problem before? 

Tomas Davidowicz

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The same happened to me, I changed already my pendrive with a bigger memory and still happening. 

Edgardo Alonso 0 votes
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