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DDJ-1000 SRT Firmware

I got the new DDJ1000 SRT and I having couples problems. 

I can't scratch because the jog wheels isn't responding 100%, the audio under 5MS latency is distortion, I'm testing the others functions.

note: I tested my laptop with other dj controllers and mixer and I don't have any issues. the all setting in my ddj1000 set are correct. 

the audio driver is different vs the other pioneers hardware.

the functions 

  • CONTROLL INPUT AND CONTROLL output isn't available. 
  • the software only showed " ABOUT " screen 

I would like to know when pioneer release the new firmware and

audio driver ?



emilio valette

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I'm using Mojave too and I'm having the same problem... but if I switch to Deck 3 (instead of 1) it works accurately! I'm hoping for a firmware update as well!


I took some video demonstrating the problem. I said deck 2 to start... I meant deck 1. Sorry.

Deck 1 - problems.
Deck 3 - works fine.

Ergo it can't be the hardware. Has to be in software. Buffer set to 5ms and tried again at 2ms and at 1ms.


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For whatever reason the driver did not install properly. I can play easily on decks 2, 3, and 4 but deck 1 is screwed. I've used the removal tool, figured out how to remove the driver manually, done both, restarted every time but when I reinstall the SRT deck 1 is screwy just like in the video. My buddy's laptop x2 are both fine.

I'm hoping the first FW update will fix whatever phantom issue this is.

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