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recordbox & recordbox video quality updates are needed

Hi pioneer. Your software is great and at the same time the worst of all. You don't have a midpoint.

Recordbox video

It requires many requirements to work decently at good quality. You will be tired of listening. We want to be able to create audio and video playlists at the same time. It is very expensive to create playlists for everything on different sites.

The solution to one of these problems is to be able to search in folders or through iTunes (xml) to be able to read playlists with audio and video

IT DOES NOT LACK that you gather the audio and video collections. but fuck give us a solution (like using xml files) to work optimally with your software that costs us a lot of money.

To all this four years ago that I use this program. I have been using recordbox video for more than three years and it is the program with the worst performance of all and the most expensive !! I can not understand it.

My question is: When is the truth going to be an update that allows us to create an audio and video playlist? Three years ago you told me in the mail that you would get an update. It's been 3 years and nothing has changed !!

Please pay attention to us. I would like you to send to your programmers the proposal I have given to create an audio and video playlist through iTunes (xml)

If you solve that problem I think you will be the best program to work video and audio

alexis castillo

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