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Pionner DDJ 400 not recognized

Hello, I just bought a new Pioneer DDJ 400, installed Rekordbox DJ but i can't use the console, the MIDI Studio doesn't recognize the console and the channel level lights are flickering nonstop, i don't know what the problem is, the device software is there in the Device Manager, for now i don't have monitors so i'm using powered speakers, are those the problem? I can't get sound through headphones either, tried almost everything on the internet to make it work but to no avail. Thank you.
Neagu Mihai

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Hey dude. I just created this account so I could respond to this question. I had to go thru with it today and just figured it out.

When the center channel level lights are flashing on the ddj-400, the controller is in update mode. It is expecting a computer to transfer firmware to it via USB. The only way to bail out of this mode appears to be by giving it new firmware (rebooting/unplugging does not work).

So just update the firmware to fix. I followed these instructions here (starting at step c) https://www.pioneerdj.com/-/media/pioneerdj/downloads/firmwares/controllers/ddj-400/ddj-400_update_manual_e_1st.pdf. I uploaded firmware version 1.01, which is currently the newest available. Hope this helps!

-Dj St3rling

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