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Rekordbox FX Settings preset


I'm mixing using Rekordbox DJ + DDJ-400

When I'm scrolling through FXs with my controller, the FX settings automatically comeback to their base setting such as the Echo FX and its filter

The problem is that everytime I swap FXs and I comeback to Echo, it is automatically high pass filtered, which is not something I want, I'd like the filter setting to be set as null/zero, and I need to change it on the program directly using a mouse which is kind of annoying in the middle of a set

So I'd like to know if there's a way to get these settings custom set once for all, especially for the echo one, I don't really bother the other ones that much currently

Showing you an image of the actual issuing setting >


(Sorry if I'm unclear, I'm not sure of how to clearly explain my issue)

Thomas Sananikone

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