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DVS BPM Problem with DDJ-1000

I own a DDJ-1000 with rekordbox and have now expanded the setup with Technics MK7 to use DVS.
Unfortunately I have a problem when using the DVS function it all works wonderfully in relative mode until suddenly when mixing a track with a DVS channel and an internal deck of the DDJ-1000 the DVS deck takes over the BPM of the internal channel during the transition.
I did not enable beat sync during this time.
Even if I load a new track into the DVS Deck, the new BMW value persists and I can not reset it. I have to increase the pitch to get the original BPM value of the track.
Only a restart of Rekordbox ends this strange behavior.

Does anyone have an idea why during the mixing suddenly the BPM of DVS Deck developed its own life?

I would be very grateful for advice.

DJ Lake

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