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DDJ-200 bluetooth connect problem with MacBook

Has anyone been able to connect DDJ-200 via bluetooth to a laptop? 

The standard way to connect DDJ-200 to iPhone or iPad is via bluetooth, and I get that to work fine.  Well, if you try to connect via the system Settings>Bluetooth panel it will not work.  When you try to connect to DDJ-200, which shows up in "Other Devices" an error window pops up saying, "Pairing Unsuccessful "DDJ-200" is not supported."  Instead, you have to go the Settings/Preferences pane within the DJ app (eg, WeDJ, DJay) and connect there. 

However, on my MacBook Pro laptop I cannot connect via Bluetooth.  First, when you try to connect via System Preferences>Bluetooth you see DDJ-200, but when you click on it a window pops up saying, "Waiting for DDJ-200 to accept connection. Make sure code shown on "DDJ-200' matches the one below." Then a 6 digit Bluetooth security PIN is displayed.  I see no way to input a PINs on the DDJ-200 and therefore no way to connect.  Plus, DJ apps (eg, DJay Pro 2, rekordbox) have no way that I can find to connect to the DDJ-200 via Bluetooth.  I've looked all through the app's Settings/Prefs to no avail.  

The only way I can connect is via USB, which I guess is fine, as it provides both MIDI data and power, but it is surprising and poorly documented. 

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The DDJ-200 is not intended to connect via BT to a computer, only to a mobile device. For a computer, please use the USB connection.

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I have the same. Pioneer told me it's not possible to connect the DDJ200 via bluetooth to Mac, only via USB. So for a mac pro i don't think it's a problem. However with a mac book air like me, it's not really possible to connect them. 

The controller is now connected to a multiport, same as my headphones. The mac is connected to my speakers via Bluetooth. The only problem is that the multiport doesn't give sound to my headphones. 

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