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DDJ 1000 causing midi problems in ableton

Hello, I cannot get a lasting midi signal to play notes inside Ableton from my APC 25 or computer keyboard when the DDJ 1000 is plugged in. All other functions on both devices work, but I can only hit two or three notes before the inputs freeze or glitch and no longer function. When the 1000 is unplugged everything functions correctly, but then I can no longer use the 1000 as my audio interface and I’m forced to use my computer’s internal sound card.
Luis Morales

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I am having probably the exact same issue with my Native Instruments M32 keyboard. Driving me nuts. Already completely reinstalled and updated everything multiple times, but the issue remains. I selected DDJ-1000 as audio interface and everything works fine in Ableton, except for the midi input. There seems to be midi input coming to Ableton from the M32 as the small square next to midi flashes in Ableton every time I touch a key, but I can only play notes for a second. After this the small square midi-indicator still flashes with every press, but no new notes are playing in Ableton anymore.

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I went back to the basics for reinstalling the DDJ-1000 drivers + firmware update once again.
Only this time I noticed a link "MIDI-compatible software" under " software information" 


There is says the following:



DDJ-1000 works with other MIDI-compatible software besides rekordbox, by assigning MIDI message.
Please refer to the list of MIDI message to find mapping values of all buttons and knobs.
To assign MIDI message to all software function, please refer to your manufacturers' software manual.

When using this unit as a controller for operating MIDI-compatible software other than rekordbox,change the setting to use software other than rekordbox at the utility settings.
For details, please refer to the "Using as a controller for other DJ software" within the Operating Instructions.

Please do not run multiple DJ Software on your computer at the same time.
When switching from one DJ software to use another,
please turn the DDJ-1000 power off and then power back on after software switch has been completed.

For further details of the usage, please refer to the software manufacturers.


So I downloaded the latest version of the DDJ-1000 manual again.

At page 31 under "Using this unit as a controller for other DJ-software"  it states:

To use this unit as a controller to operate DJ software other than rekordbox, switch the setting for using software other than rekordbox in the utilities screen. Also, set the DJ software's audio and MIDI related settings.

So... after some more digging I found at page 26 of the DDJ-1000 manual how to actually specifically change the MIDI Controller settings.

So I:

- Disconnected the USB-cable from the computer
- Pressed the DDJ-1000 power switch to set it stand-by
- Pressed both SHIFT and PLAY-PAUSE and the POWER button

Now I accessed utility-mode and saw that SLIP REVERSE was not lit.
I pressed SLIP REVERSE so it lighted up.

- Turned off the DDJ-1000 to quit utilities mode.
- Turned the DDJ-1000 on normally again.

So now according to the manual the DDJ-1000 should forcibly operate as a general MIDI controller regardless of whether or not rekordbox is running.


At this point I got so excited. Would this finally work? 
But unfortunately... I still encounter the exact same issue
Such disappointment :(  :(

Right now still in Ableton the MIDI input only works for about one second (with sound coming through)
After this the MIDI track indicator in Ableton keeps flashing for every key I press, but there is no sound coming through anymore. 
In the Piano-roll the pressed notes keep red

I can get one second of input again by changing MIDI-port settings in Ableton.
(Under Preferences - Link MIDI ---> if with MIDI-ports I turn " track"  off and on again for the Input " Komplete_Kontrol_A Input" I will get again one second of sound coming through.


So for me I feel now that I have done all possible, but still it's not working. Really driving me crazy as I spent a lot of money (for me it's a lot) and am so much looking forward to start playing around with my gear in every possible way. If somebody can help out with this that would be so great!

And @Luis: not sure if you already tried the utility-settings, but maybe that will just do it for you.





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Would be really appreciated if somebody from Pioneer could give some feedback. Still struggling with this and as can seen above I really tried to dig through this myself with all information available via Pioneer.

Maybe the first and most important question here to Pioneer is if it should be possible to use the DDJ-1000 as an audio interface for handling MIDI-input from a keyboard together with Ableton.

Hopefully somebody can just say yes or no to this :)

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Please, can somebody help us out with this, or at least point us into a direction? 
is there nobody that knows if it's possible to use MIDI, Ableton, and the DDJ-1000 together?

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Hey :)

I was thinking to do the same thing, did you find a way in between or any answers ?? 


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No, unfortunately not. Still the same issue. 

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