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PLEASE HELP - Audio Issues - Rekordbox

Hello Everyone,


I recently purchased a Pioneer DDJ-1000 and have it connected up to my Desktop via USB. My PC is brand new and is a powerhouse so I am positive the issue is not coming from my computer.  I purchased an RCA cable on Amazon from KabelDirekt (25ft long Dual 2 x RCA male to 2 x RCA male audio cable, digital and analogue). I have it directly connected from the DDJ to my Audioengine A2+ speakers with my DDJ-1000 on and running/playing a sample track from Rekordbox. For some reason I am not hearing any audio from my speakers (my audio on my PC is set to play through through the speakers). Can someone please help me get this working!!





Robert Carter Répondu

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I think the problem is "my audio on my PC is set to play through through the speakers" -- you need to set the audio device within rekordbox to be the DDJ-1000, and that's where the audio will be sent from to your speakers.

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