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Protect Library Edit feature improvement : text deletion is a high risk.

I'd like to know when you will please implement the Rekordbox DJ improved 'Protect library edit' feature I requested many times since 2 years incl. twice in this forum (oct. 2017) because nothing has changed and it is still preventing me from moving to Rekordbox DJ. Indeed, when I test it, it is very annoying and stressfull as I have to walk on eggs to prevent any data deletion, which is not acceptable for professional DJs like me, esp. during our live improvised sets based on 7000+ tracks libraries and crucial and long personal tags information like comments/genre etc we don't want to be accidentally deleted, not even notice it on the day or, worse, can't remember in order to re-create ! Same issue whilst preparing our library, crates and playslists at home.

So I'd like to ask againt that TEXT deletion is not triggered quickly (currently it is a real high risk if not constantly careful as to where we click the cursor in a non sensitive/deletable zone which is not realistic : only Time or file types zone but not practical to click there to show up the Menu. In that case If i exit it I'd naturally want to re-click on my track line and then trouble comes : tag edit is on automatically hence deletion risk starts : I deleted many times and couldn't recover my personal original tags !)

or, in the meantime -untill you offer the ideal solutions I suggest-, you could create a Window pop up to suggest, as you do for other features, 'Cancel and not confirm deletion' or a 'Cancel last operation' feature or, ideally, Create a new 'SEMI PROTECT LIBRARY' which, like SERATO SDJ, allows the user to do Everything (ESP. moving songs into playlists etc/ moving or creating crates & esp. during live impro. when these operations are crucial for efficiency and a good set, putting forthcoming songs aside in a new special folder etc) without any risks of TEXT DELETION.
That is important as many djs like me have long comments, genre and text fields filled with lots of personal crucial info. which cant' be remembered.

Please let me know how and when (asap please) you can improve and fix this issue, thank you !


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