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AMERICAN PRO Razor Cube LED-6111

Dear Administrator:
A few days ago I bought Pioneer RB-DMX1 and Rekordbox and I need the Lighting Fixture for my lighting device. Thank you.
Carlos Adonaylo.

Manufacturer: AMERICAN PRO
Model Name: Razor Cube LED-6111
Fixture type: CUBE LEDS moving head
A link to the product website: http://tecshow.amproweb.com/en/razorcube
A link to the product manual: http://amproweb.com/_admin/files/9cea0aRazor%20Cube%20B.pdf


Carlos Adonaylo Terminée

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The lighting fixture you requested already exists in the rekordbox fixture library as 'TECshow - Razor Cube'.

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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Sorry, the razor cube device has 48 channels and multiple possibilities that I clearly need and make the product. but the device that is already registered only uses the 1 channel mode. Please at least enter the 16 channel mode. Otherwise I waste 90% of the product I buy. I hope you can understand. Thank you. Charles.

Carlos Adonaylo 0 votes
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