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New fixtures for Rekordbox light

On 8th october, and because i asked for 5 new fixtures to add in Rekordbox light, you sent me back 5 emails in which you said (see one of them):

Mar 08/10/2019 10:47
  • Bruno SCAPIN

The post New fixtures for Rekordbox light has a new comment.

AtlaBase Ltd

Your lighting fixture has been added to the AtlaBase database. It will be reflected in the next rekordbox fixture library update. Please find the latest update of the fixture library here.

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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But at this time I couldn't see these fixtures in the lights data base, even if i make a refresh of the list.

Can you help me

Bruno SCAPIN Répondu

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@Bruno > Please check the lighting database after the update this Wednesday, October 16th; it would not have been included in the update from last week if they only recently added it on the AtlaBase end.

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