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suggestions/questions about rekordbox lighting

Why am I unable to permanently change the mood of a song in lighting mode? I have to go through and manually put in “high” mood scenes in most of my songs because they get analyzed as “mid” or “low” even though they are high energy 150 bpm dubstep songs. Mid and low are almost useless to me and I would be super happy if I had control over what the mood of each of my songs. While I’m here, why is “cool” the only macro that rekordbox assigns to my songs? The phrase analysis is usually way off as far as where the drops and builds are as well. I love the idea of this, but I have to go through and manually edit each song in lighting so much that I get burnt out. Also where are keyboard shortcuts? I have to click the play and pause button every time which takes so much longer, not to mention it seems like you have to be positioned perfectly on it for it to actually work. Also, 50% of the time, the phrases are 1 bar off. Every single one in the song. So I have to go through and manually move every one. Also is there a quick way to black out lights before a drop in lighting mode? I know you can do that on the fly but trying to draw it in takes forever and copy and pasting a blank section always influences the phrases before and after the blackout spot which takes forever to correct. Also is there a way to trigger a basic scene on the controller when music isn’t playing? For example turn everything on white like blinders while you’re talking on the mic? Or a slow fade between colors? Thanks for your time.
Jerrett Sagers

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