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Moving Beam 5R KLight

Moving Beam 5R KLight
Modelo: 200w Beam Light
Bulb: Philips MSD Platinum 5R
Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Cord Daisy Chain: 16 Fixtures Max.
Power Draw: 200W
Net Weight: 17.5 Kgs
Color Wheel: 14 Inserted Color and White Light with two-way rotating
and Rainbow effect
Rotating Gobo Wheel: 17 Inserted rotation gobos and White circle
with design jitter and arbitrary positioning function
Electronic Focus: 20 Meters, 50000 LUX
DMX Channels: 16DMX Channels
Pan-scan: 540 °
Varredura Tilt: 280 °

CH1 - Pan
CH2 - Tilt
CH3 - Pan Fine
CH4 - Tilt Fine
CH5 - Pan / Tilt Speed
CH6 - Atomization
CH7 - Strobe
CH7 - Dimmer
CH9 - Color Wheel
CH10 - Gobo Wheel
CH11 - Lamp on/off
CH12 - Pan / Tilt auto running
CH13 - Focus
CH14 - Eight prism
CH15 - Prism rotation
CH16 - Reset

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