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Rekordbox Track Filter and Category Filter simultaneously

This is a feature suggestion to merge 'category filter' and 'track filter' into one single filter, rather than splitting it into two.

My favourite Rekordbox feature is, by far, the browser. My only criticism is that it separates makes an artificial distinction between 'track filter' and 'category filter'.

For example, if you want to list all tracks by artist 'A' and artist 'B' with a rating of 4 or 5 stars, at the moment you can't do that. Note, however, that intelligent playlists are already capable of this sort of thing, so theoretically it shouldn't be too hard for Pioneer devs to do.

In Rekordbox parlance, 'category' means title, artist and album. For some reason 'genre' doesn't qualify as a category (??). The names 'track filter' and 'category filter' are very confusing—you could swap them around and nobody would notice, because the only time you are aware of this nomenclature is when you read it off the mouse tooltip. Most people probably remember that 'the button on the left lets you filter by artist/title/album, and the button on the right by everything else'. Both buttons look almost identical, which makes adds to the confusion:

Furthermore, both filter modes display the exact same columns in the same order (artist, title, album, genre, bpm, etc), so it doesn't make any sense that all the filters are not available from a single interface. IMO it is not unreasonable to expect these two modes to be merged.

Comments welcome, thanks

Manuel Fernandez

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I think rather than "merged," they should both be able to be "active" simultaneously.

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@Pulse You are right. Here's a mock-up I've done to show how this might look:

On smaller laptops displaying everything at once might be slightly ambitious. It would be useful if one could apply category filters first, then switch over to track filters and apply more filters there to further refine the search, without losing the category filters previously applied. ATM track and category filters are totally independent i.e. they don't aggregate—that's why I referred to this as merging. The fact that filters are in place could be shown by a small indicator. In the following example, the category filter panel is visible (button is blue) and the track filter panel is not visible (button is gray). The red dot in the top-right corner of the track filter button indicates that track filters are in place:

May I also suggest bringing related and mutually exclusive controls closer together? IMO it's more intuitive and requires less mouse travel when toggling between two states, for instance, [Show the upper part of the artwork] and [Show the entire artwork]:

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