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Rekordbox more color contrast (currently too dark!)

Please see before and after pictures before (obviously the 'after' is a mock-up). The bottom half of the 'BEFORE' image is basically just black—bad. List headers look too dark and are almost indistinguishable from the list black background. The 'Search' box is almost impossible to see (you just know you have to click to the right of the magnifier icon). The 'AFTER' mock-up corrects this by making those dark grays a bit brighter.

Ideally, I would suggest adding a setting to allow users to adjust contrast to their specific needs, because all displays are different. Maybe what doesn't look so good on my laptop looks great on someone else's laptop.

To be honest, Rekordbox 4 was considerably easier on the eyes than Rekordbox 5. From a usability/ergonomics perspective, the new GUI has been a step back. I mean, just look at it—the FX knobs, which in RB4 were nice and big, are now dark and tiny to the point that they become invisible when set to 0 or centre value. Some controls are so dark they can't be seen at all. This is atrocious GUI design (view full image):

Manuel Fernandez

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