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Rekordbox 5.7.0 still does not import XML data correct

My original post


is closed for replies so I'm forced to go this route. Under that post there is an official reply that the XML import was fixed with the release of 5.7.0.

This is partly true (but in effect not true for users of let's say the DJ Conversion Utility).

There are 2 ways to import data from an XML. I always recommend to import at the "playlists" level so all converted crates/folders/playlists are imported. Something users of my tools want. (see picture A)

The other way that does indeed import all new track metadata is from the all tracks part of the XML, but this does not import playlists/folder structures. (see picture B)

For that reason I stand by my original comment to use Rekordbox 5.6.0 to import XML data and after that use Rekordbox 5.7.0 at will. see this comment


Tho I'm not a fan of 2 versions of the same software on the same computer.

All my Rekordbox related tools are now equipped with an undeniable warning if a Rekordbox version with the XML import issues is detected on the user's computer.




This information should be at the Rekordbox engineering team already. I've showed it to my contacts who were over from Pioneer DJ Japan last week during the Amsterdam Dance Event. 

Any employee from Pioneer DJ who does not know who I'm please PM so I can pass you on my credentials. Obviously I'm not going to drop names in a public forum.



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