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Pioneer Interface 2 Preamp Issue


I recently bought a Pioneer Interface 2 to use with my (bedroom) setup. I use a pair of Stanton Str8-60s, a Pioneer DJM-500 mixer, and Shure White labels. It seems that whenever I play records through the Interface 2, the sound quality is weak and not dynamic. I've read several posts about the same issue, but there has been no solid answer regarding the Interface 2. 

I understand that my setup in general has an affect on overall sound quality, but the difference between the sound coming straight from the tables through the DJM-500 and the sound feeding through the IF2 is just so dramatic that I feel it needs to be addressed.

DVS with rekordbox works tremendously despite a couple of hiccups, but I am a vinyl DJ through and through, and I bought the IF2 with the intention of using its DVS capabilities alongside my record collection. Due to the dramatic difference in sound (and yes I understand the difference between analog and digital), this is not a reality with this product and I'm afraid that I will have to return it.

Are there any driver software updates that I am unaware of, or is this a hardware issue?


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