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Rekordbox and macOS Catalina.

Even knowing that Pioneer has not yet certified the use of macOS Catalina, I decided to test and put my results here.

I recently purchased a Macbook Pro 2019 (i9 with dedicated graphics card). As I would not use this computer for events due to having to migrate database and etc I decided to install macOS Catalina for testing.

Below is the list of my equipment:

- Macbook Pro 2019 (i9, 16GB, 512GB SSD, 4GB Dedicated Video)
- 4 CDJ 2000 Nexus
- 1 DJM 2000 Mixer
- 1 DDJ XP1
- RB 5.7.0 with Video Plug-in

The computer was running macOS Mojave. I immediately upgraded to macOS Catalina. I installed RB 5.7.0 and the drivers for DJM 2000 (CDJ 2000 Nexus was not required).

All CDJs were recognized, DDJ XP1 was recognized, but the DJM 2000 mixer was not recognized. I performed all the tests and could not solve the problem.

So I decided to go back to macOS Mojave but the automatic installation didn't allow it. So I decided to do a clean install of macOS Catalina (with full SSD formatting).

I then decided to install RB and all drivers again. With this all working correctly, the DJM 2000 mixer was recognized and worked normally.

Video plugin also worked perfectly at high resolution.

The only problem is that from time to time on RB the message is displayed that DDJ-XP1 is disconnected but all its functions continue to function properly.

So for my case, everything is working correctly in macOS Catalina.

Doctor DJ

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As with everything, your mileage may vary depending on the hardware and software on your computer. We encourage users to err on the side of caution and only undertake this kind of experimentation if they have some knowledge in troubleshooting and addressing the possible faults that can occur with unsupported systems, and to do so on a computer that won't affect their ability to DJ until we have been able to test and certify the functionality of our drivers and software.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

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