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Add a 'backup your library" warning every week/month à la Lightroom

Every week, Adobe Lightroom displays a warning inviting the user to backup his catalog somewhere else.

This could be a nice feature since many DJs don't even know they can backup their library. A backup without the music file takes a fairly reasonable amount of time.

Axel Répondu

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Hey Axel - this is your warning -- back-up your library! ;)

In all seriousness, we get DJs complaining about the amount of pop-ups and warnings we have in rekordbox, so adding another would't be going in the right direction. And rekordbox, by default, keeps 3 copies of your database in backup "just in case."

But yes, I certainly do recommend keeping backups of the full database, analysis files, etc, by using the Library > Backup Library process, or by mirroring your drive to have that data in another location.

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