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rekordbox dvs wrong BPM


I bought a vinyl player called Q1USB from JB Systems, and have a DDJ-1000 with rekordbox dvs. About one and a half weeks ago, A few minutes ago, it was working just fine. And then when I loaded a sample, it just rushed through the sample. I was very confused and tried on some other MP3 files. Some were affected, some were not. The Demo Track 1 worked, but not the Demo Trach 2. The both sides give the same results. Some of the affected tracks had +9% in BPM, some had nearly to fifty. Here's a video: https://youtu.be/X_w1c2mvefY 

btw it isn't affected on internal mode


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It was really hard to tell on the video, but it seems your turntable may not be at the right speed ... I'm only saying that from the brief shots where I was able to see the platter strobes (around the time you also dragged your hand to slow it down).

Can you please take a video showing that a bit more clearly?

If the input signal is fast, rekordbox will play fast. It doesn't really do it on its own.

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