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SQUID! Please add conditional triggers

Hello Team,


i actually really like the Squid, eventhough it lacks songmode, however, please consider to add conditional triggers a la elektron.


Basically this would give the option to enter condintions on a per step basis.

For example every given step would be played every 3rd (or whatever. is set ) time the playhead passes it and that´s it, ha!

Probability per step would be much needed as well.

Sounds simple, right? :)


Martin Dibek

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Hi Pulse,


i think i explained it the wrong way, here´s another try.

Conditional triggers should have two parameters, here are some examples that should explain how it works:

step gets played on every pass of the playhead

first pass of the playhead triggers step, then the step doesn´t get triggered for three passes of the playhead.

like above but instead of being triggered on the first pass the step gets triggered on the third pass.

So the second digit acts as an offset, obviously it would be good to be able any combination, for instance 7:3, 5:1, 8:1 and so on ...

There´s much more possible additions like a step gets played only once and so on.

Stuff like this is great to bring more life into sequences and for what i see Squid is all about generating and mangling interesting sequences, would be. great to see this implemented.

oh, and please allow names for the CC Automation! :)


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