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triggering lighting from midi or usb electronic drum or keyboard

Good day, I recently bought the BRDMX1 product and I need some help to handle it from rekordbox please. Basically I want to be able to shoot a sequence of lights from a midi trigger from an external USB device, eg music keyboard or electronic drums. In the manual I have been able to find how to set up a song to follow the lights but not from an external trigger. Any help would be welcome.

Thank you very mach.


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Hi Carlos,

the lighting function can't currently trigger specific macros, but here are the functions that can be set for a MIDI signal:

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Hi good day.
I am not sure if I express my need correctly.
What I need to do is that the lights not only respond to a specific song, but also to activate a light or sequence of lights from a midi device. For example, an electronic battery trigger or electronic musical keyboard, or pad.
That way I can handle the on and off of DMX lights beyond what a song indicates.
I understand that it is the ABC of any lighting software, to be able to turn lights on or off from external devices.
I hope I have expressed my query well.
Thank you. Charles

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