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Rekordbox 5.7.0 exporting playlists to USB - OSX Mojave

I cannot seem to export a PLAYLIST from my Rekordbox to a usb stick. First of all in 5.7.0 the EXPORT tab on the top left is no longer there. 



external HD with RB / All Trks and Playlists

USB STICK- already has playlists on it ( I just want to export 1 playlist which has newer tracks on it.


External HD to USB Stick, I go to sync manager I see


I Tunes which is greyed out ( dont use)

Rekordbox / playlists white square box had minus in it ( I click to make +)


then next to playlist is another box with NO FUNCTION


Device I see the external drive and the USB stick

then I check the box ( sync playlist with device)

so it's 

All Playlist

then the name of each playlist underneath but no checkbox


I hot close and nothing happens????


Ralphie Dee

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Curious how is this drive formatted ? I think Catalina makes you use APFS???

djmichaelwenz 0 votes
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The topic says Mojave, so I doubt it's APFS...

Pulse 0 votes
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