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Is there a feature to keep track of tracks you've played?

I'm sure we all have different ways of constructing our DJ sets, but for me i create playlists for each set. One issue im having with rekordbox when im creating new sets is having some measure of how frequently i've played a track i want to include in a new set.

Is there a way that im not aware of of the software:

a) Telling you how many playlists a particular track is in?

b) Importing back from the CDJs the playcounts of the track?

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a) Yes it can - select the track, click the drop-down at the top of the collection window:

It's not a count, but a listing.

b) You can show the play-count column and yes, when updating your collection with your USB history, that counter increases.

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a) Rekordbox can't do this

b) Rekordbox does remember the play count of tracks, but that's total play count and not of your last set


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