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SP-16 Brightness

I'm thinking about getting one of these but the pads and buttons look incredibly bright -- even mentioned in the Sound on Sound review. This can be a deal breaker for me as they trigger migraines. I see you can turn down the brightness in the manual but do you really get much control? Thanks!


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There is a dimmer function in the settings, but it's not enough for me. In addition, when viewing a pattern, the pattern sequencer buttons flash and it's so painful on the eyes. 

This is not an issue unique to the SP-16; for instance, the buttons on my Squarp Pyramid flash and cause significant eye fatigue and discomfort. I've not yet used either of these live, but imagine using them in a super dark environment!

I would like the dimmer to go lower, and for the buttons in the pattern sequencer to stop flashing.

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