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RMX-1000 Send / Return Delay / Phasing Problem

HI, I am running an up-to-date RMX-1000 with my Condesa Carmen V. When I turn on the send return with the rmx, even with no effects active, there is a slight delay in the return, causing phasing problems so it sounds light a very tight delay.  This seems to indicate the RMX is returning the signal with a slight lag.

Here is a video I took of it, you can clearly hear the problem as I turn up and down one of the four sends as well as the return.

Please note this issue is present on BOTH send/return and Master settings on the RMX.


Link to my mixer:


Condesa is an extremely reputable manufacturer using full discrete analog circuity, so I highly doubt the problem is the mixer, but I'm still open to hear other opinions. The a friend of mine with the same mixer says he's used Line6's Echo Park with no problems.



Jacob Hopes

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Nice mixer!

The RMX does inherently introduce some delay as it takes time for the signal to be converted (A>D), processed / effected, then converted again (D>A). The lag is quite minimal and we don't recommend DJs have a full dry AND full wet signal playing simultaneously to avoid noticing the lag.

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Do your beautiful Condesa a favor and leave the RMX-1000 in the closet ;-) 

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