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XDJ-R1 Rekordbox Key

Hi, I bought XDJ-R1 from some guy, without box or anything.

Product works 100% and im having good time playing from USB.

But I want to record my mix so I installed rekordbox and surprise, it wants activation key, so I started free 30-day trial and everything works 100%, again.

So the only problem is that rekordbox says theres activation key on box of my product but as I mentioned above, I bought XDJ-R1 without box.

By this way I want to ask you for rekordbox activation key, I would be really happy if you help me.

Im sending photo of my XDJ-R1 and my email is: opreax2@gmail.com


Opreax Qweyzar Répondu

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Sorry, but he XDJ-R1 did not ship with a license for rekordbox DJ; you'll have to purchase one at rekordbox.com.

I removed your photo as it contained your license key for VirtualDJ LE.

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