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AS1 Firmware update and sync fix

So, it's now November 2019. Still no sign of a fix for a basic problem.

Pioneer: Thanks for your patience really is not cutting it with us, your customers.

Your CEO needs to see these posts, maybe I'll include a link in my complaint.

We, your customers are being robbed off with patronising please wait messages, when it is know plainly evident for the entire internet to see you have no intention of fixing this problem. So, no buy ever again.

Learn a lesson from Novation. They know how to create brand loyalty and in return future purchases. Pioneer? Thanks but I'll pass in future.

"Thanks for your patience".

Jon English Répondu

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In that case, please choose one of the following:

"Thank you for your feedback, your comments have been passed along to our product managers."


"Our product teams are working hard to improve the Pioneer DJ hardware experience, I'm sorry we've been unable to meet your expectations in a timely manner."

Thanks for your patience!

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I've just bought an as-1 although the well know bugs mentioned.

For the moment I'm quite satisfied because I use that just as a sound module

driven by a square pyramid.

However I don't think a technical support of an official forum should answer as above to a costumer waiting for long for a fix of a well known bugs.

just my 2 cents


Alessandro Bonuglia 0 votes
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Exactly, just use an external sequencer. The sequencer on the AS-1 is too fiddly and has no real-time mode.

Heath Hensel 0 votes
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