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DDJ-SR2 Driver Install Fails

I recently got a DDJ-SR2 from a fellow dj and have been trying to install the driver for it on my new laptop after my old one crashed last weekend, but it fails the install process.

I'm running Windows 10, Intel Core i5-10210U processor, 8 gb memory... as well as SeratoDJ Pro 2.3.1... 

I had no problem with it connecting to my 6 year old MacBook. I've gone through the forum and tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, disconnected the controller and restarted my laptop, all of the suggested things and it still says 'Installation Failed(002)'. Any help would be appreciated!

Scott Norem Répondu

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@Scott > I see you have a ticket open with our support team, I'll let them provide the solution for you!

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