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Rekordbox problem cpu

Pioneer DDJ-RR/ Rekordbox 5.7.0/ Dell Inspiron 15 3567, i3 2.0ghz, 8gb RAM, 1TB HDD, 250GB SSD (system on ssd, music and all data on hdd)

Hi, I have the above control, and the said laptop, this is my first time using a recordbox, I thought I would have no problems but at my first party with the new control I had very serious problems ... This laptop I now use alone before I used a vdj processor without any problems and everything was fine and always without any problems .. When I was working with the new control and recordbox I had this problem that during a song that goes only at once it starts to jump for a few seconds and then it goes back to normal ... I reinstalled the system the processor is sixth generation and it is very good and all the specs are ok, again when I played music at home again I had that brake and jumping of the processor and bringing it up, then I thought maybe ram but it was still a processor because i followed it through task manager for two hours ... i wonder now what the problem is why it raises so much processor and no other program, can you help me will i solve this problem as it really irritates when it happens in the middle of a party ... i also only have a recordbox and google chrome on my computer ... thanks a lot i expect you reply

DJ Djota

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@Djota > Have you tried increasing the buffer size in the audio preferences?

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