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OpenGL crashes

Shame on you Pioneer!

How long we have to wait for OPEN GL rendering fix on Rekorbox?

Software crashes almost every gig, it breaks my reputation as DJ.

It is not acceptable anymore..

This problem is known more than year, but only answer what you can give is:

"The engineering team is working on an update to replace OpenGL in the future"

Last night -  again two crashes..

Should I choose Serato?

Don't close topic, or ask for crashlog, this issue is nothing new for You!

Andis Dzeguze Répondu

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OpenGL has been working on many computers for a number of years. The typical issue is that your drivers are out of date, but if you've got those and your OS fully patched and updated, and still have issues, please file an inquiry ticket here and our rekordbox support team will be able to gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue.

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