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Decks left on for a couple hours not touched and won’t switch on, please help

I have the pioneer decks (smaller size), left my decks on as I was recording a set, left them on for several hours and forgot to switch them off. When I came back the decks have completely switched off, tried to turn it back on and off again, but there is not response. Someone told me the decks maybe potentially fried? Is this the case if not how can I fix this
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Most of our hardware has a sleep mode; typically pressing the sleep/wake button or power-cycling it will get it to come back to life. If you've tried unplugging it for a few minutes then turning it on again and it won't light up at all, then it could be a faulty power supply or other issue, and I'll direct you to contact a Pioneer DJ authorized service centre in your region to have your hardware inspected and/or serviced.

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