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Pioneer, why do you close comments for certain unresolved topics?

I want to know more about the app please, when is it going to be sorted out?

You know your gear isn't the cheapest and many of us need it for work. 

Looking at your latest releases it looks like an app should be a very easy thing to repair. 

It stops working even on airplane mode.


Thank you 

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I have been closing these topics because it is a known issue, and there is nothing additional that can / will be contributed by anyone by leaving it open.

We are aware of the cost/value of the hardware and software, and we're also aware of the importance of having it up and running.

I take it you're not an app developer, otherwise you might not have made such a statement about the "ease" of making changes.

When you see an update available in the app store, you'll know there is a fix available. Thank you.

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