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Rekordbox DVS issue - decks not starting or playing at -50%

RB DVS turntable issue

Hi all,

Has anybody else been having DVS issues lately? I DJ regularly at 5 bars/clubs that have technics/PLX turntables and for the past weeks I haven’t been able to get DVS to work properly anywhere. I’m using windows, S9 mixer and can usually get one turntable to work if they are from technics. If it’s a PLX-1000 nothing will work (ironically). I’ve tried replacing the S9 with 900 to see if it’s a S9 issue, but then none of the decks will even start. On the S9 I get both decks to start, but the second deck I start, regardless of if it’s 1 or 2 will run at -50%. Once I change the deck from REL to INT it runs normally, so everything works as it should with CDJ and controllers, but I prefer turntables and some of the venues I DJ at don’t have a CDJ-setup.

I’ve been bringing an extra laptop with me to test at work, but I’m having the same issues on both laptops, so it definitely seems like a software bug, but oddly enough it doesn’t really seem to be linked to a specific version as I’m having the same issue with 5.6.2, 5.7.0 and 5.8.0. I’ve also tried with another set of vinyl/needles/usb-cables. Any suggestions or similar issues?

Jonina Tryggvadottir

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