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Rekordbox need to much CPU

Hello together,

my Rekordbox makes me big Problems with the CPU.

If I started the Rekordbox than the CPU go to 80% - 100%.

I have this Problem since April 2019. I have this Problem with Win8 and Win10.


My System is:

Win10 64bit

8 GB Memory

Intel i5


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Have you got DVS mode or LIGHTING mode enabled? If you're not using those, un-check them in the rekordbox preferences to lighten the usage.

Also note that if rekordbox is analysing songs, it will have a higher CPU usage than when sitting idle.

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Hi, I do not use DVS mode or Lighting mode. My license is only intended for the rekordbox-dj.
The CPU is already very high at the start of rekordbox, without me playing a song or doing anything else. When I start rekordbox, my laptop gets very warm and the fan runs at high performance.

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So is it possibly analysing songs in the background? You would be able to tell by scrolling through the library and looking for tracks without waveforms (you can even sort the status column to see them all together), and looking for the % display:

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