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Rekordbox & Beatport Link Playlists

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and to owning Rekordbox. I've come from Serato, then DJay Pro + Spotify. A few weeks ago we purchased a DDJ-1000, which is a great unit and Rekordbox is not a bad piece of software provided you have your own MP3 library!

The wheels began to fall off yesterday when I decided to sign up for a BeatPort Link subscription. It's not the "pro" plan, but the one just before with "optimised" streaming... I was able to add a playlist somehow from within Rekordbox - I can't remember how I did it, but it wasn't hard. I even managed to add a Beatport track to said playlist from within Rekordbox - I was in heaven, albeit briefly. I had to go out soon after, so shut everything down and went out. FFWD to today and I thought I might add a few more BEATPORT tracks to the BEATPORT PLAYLIST within Rekordbox. I figured out fairly quickly that you can't add Beatport tracks to Rekordbox playlists, which seems ridiculous, but oh well I can live with that I guess. 

What I can't live with is being unable to add BEATPORT tracks to BEATPORT PLAYLISTS. The right click option is greyed out, and the "drag n drop" option just has a minus sign. So am I guessing we have to log into Beatport, futz around on their website previewing 30 second clips of tracks and adding them to a playlist with about 10 clicks and confirmation boxes. Once that is done you then have to go back to Rekordbox and refresh the BeatPort tab and then you might see your tracks in there if you're lucky? 

I mean, really? Is this the best solution? Or is Rekordbox planning on a few updates to this in the near future? 

Look forward to hearing from anyone who is having the same problem and has a solution. I'm super unimpressed with the Beatport integration into Rekordbox at this stage. The only thing that has worked is the search function and the annoyance of having every track I listen to, even for a few seconds, added to my collection.



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