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Rekordbox DJ with the RB-DMX1 resetting lights

Hey Gang,

I am using record box dj latest with the RB-DMX1 going to two LM-70 in 9 channel mode (they are in the light profiles)

everything works perfectly then randomly the light resets and looses it's dmx channel, even with two lights on the same channel, only one will loose it's DMX channel.

Sometimes if shows RST on the display other times it just goes blank and stops receiving DMX code

I have tried this on 3 separate lights with the same results...

any help would be great I have a major gig this weekend

Keith Christensen

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@Keith > I'd start troubleshooting it by connecting only one light directly with a known-good DMX cable, then try the other fixture. If they each work as a single connection, try using chaining them. Is it the second fixture that loses the signal? What if you reverse them?

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