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Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo 155

Product Website: https://www.chauvetdj.com/products/intimidator-spot-duo-155/

Product Manual: https://www.chauvetdj.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Intimidator_Spot_Duo_155_QRG_Rev1_ML9_WO.pdf


Hi. Can you please add support for the Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo 155? It is a dual moving head fixture from Chauvet with 20,17, and 10 channel DMX modes. I see that the Intimidator Spot Duo and the Intimidator Spot 155 are on the list, but the Intimidator Spot Duo 155 is not on the list. Just to be clear here, the Intimidator spot 155, Intimidator Spot Duo, and my Intimidator Spot Duo 155 are 3 separate lights. I can somewhat manage to get my Intimidator Spot Duo 155 to work using the Intimidator Spot Duo setting in 20 channel mode, but the color selection tool does not work at all, and makes the light do random things instead like make 1 of the moving heads change the color wheel on split mode (half one color and half another color). However, If I use any other channel mode with the Intimidator Spot 155, my light is rendered unusable, as none the controls in lighting mode will make my light do what its supposed to do. Also, your team should be aware that I cannot get my Intimidator Spot Duo 155 to work at all with the Intimidator Spot 155 selected in either of the channel modes offered for that light, at all. Again, please add support for the Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo 155. I had previously requested this and my post was eventually erased because I guess you guys assumed that having the Intimidator Spot 155 and the Intimidator Spot Duo on the list would work, but it doesn't work properly.

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