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DDJ-SX waveforms dimmed, no sound output

In the middle of my gig the other day my primary DDJ-SX stopped outputting sound. The controller continues to control the tracks visually but the waveforms are dimmed/darkened and no sound comes out my outputs. As soon as I plug in my backup DDJ-SX, everything works fine. I use the same laptop, music library, power and USB cables with both DDJ-SXs. This tells me something is wrong with the unit and not my laptop or setup.

I'm using a macbook pro with Serato DJ Pro version 2.3.1. See screenshots below for dimmed waveform image and macbook pro specs.

Please advise. How do I fix this?

Thank you,



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The grey waveform means that the deck isn't selected to PC, could it possibly be that your first SX was bumped and the deck select changed?  If not then having the unit looked at by a service center is in order.  Before make sure you have updated your firmware and then try the same track again and see what the results ar.  Below is the service center links.


Please contact a Pioneer DJ authorized service centre in your region to have your hardware inspected and/or repaired.

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