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Problem with DDJ-1000srt on headphone sound(distortion)

Hi there,

I just got my brand new ddj-1000srt yesterday. So i plugged it into my MBP 2012, installed the drivers properly and started to have fun with it. Immediately i noticed that the sound coming from my headphones isn't so clear, especialy in low frequences (both on cueing and mastering). (EQ, trim, volume = normal level)

I tried the headphones (HDJ-500) on other devices and on my previeus DDJ-SX2, and  the sound was crystal clear, even in higher volumes.

i ve to mention that the headphones  distortion on my brand new 1000srt starts from very low volume.

Anyone facing this problem ?

Samy Enzaipan

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I am also ha ing this issue with headphones..
It is do bad on both master or cue ..
I hope they fix this with a firware update any update pioneer?
As if not i will have to return my newly purchased 1000 srt as i cant mix in my hadhones.. it seems to go away if i load it twice but is like a bug glitch i hope can be fixed?
Also i cant update to latest firmware all it does is say error when i turn on the power it did one fireare updste now fails everytime is there any resolution to this situation as i cany update my setup at all yhrough three diffedent p.cs tried anf specs on all sure arent the issue

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